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The Holy Ground of Satan’s Natural Surrender


The “Nabileque Fund” seeks to restore and conserve the Holy Ground, Hotel Americano, located in Nabileque, Brazil, where True Parents have victoriously brought Satan to his natural surrender, and to convey the current situation of the Holy Ground to members around the world.



Let’s Protect the Holy Grounds of Nabileque!
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[Mr. Peter Paulo’s Testimony] “History of Satan’s Natural Surrender – Nabileque and Salobra”

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The Final Natural Surrender of Satan through True Parents

May 14, 1999

True Parents declared Satan’s natural surrender in the Room 14 of Hotel Americano located in Nabileque, Brazil.

July 27, 1999

True Parents held the “Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, Victory Holy Ground Consecration and Dedication Ceremony” at this Hotel Americano.

True Father's Words

If you wish to show off that your family has received blessings in the world, go to the Holy Ground and worship and then record your children’s names. The conclusion is that you will be blessed. That holy ground is the original, fundamental holy ground. There are various holy grounds but they are not the original holy ground. This place is the complete, original holy ground.

All the blessed families should visit here. What kind of facilities do we need here to accommodate all these blessed families? We need an airfield, a railway and a marina. To build such things, you should be ready to dedicate yourselves.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, July 27, 1999 and August 8, 1999

"Hotel Americano" located in Nabileque, the Holy Ground of Satan's Natural Surrender



Nabileque is located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, on the banks of the Paraguay River.


It is a land on the Brazilian side, about 10 minutes by boat from Fuerte Olimpo in Paraguay, which is a 5-6 hour boat ride from the Leda Holy Ground.


It is a 3-hour boat ride to the north from Porto Murtinho on the Brazilian side.

The Nabileque Holy Ground is Room 14 (pictured right) inside the Hotel Americano Nabileque branch (The head branch is located in Porto Murtinho, about 80 km south).

22 Years After True Parents' Declaration - “Hotel Americano” Today

As of July 2021

It has not been managed/maintained due to financial reasons.

The Hotel Americano head branch in Porto Murtinho is going through financial difficulties. Due to this, the Hotel Americano Nabileque branch maintenance is at a standstill, with infrastructure such as sewage, water, and electricity all stopped.

The Holy Ground, "Room 14," has become a den of bats.

Most of the building, including Room 14 where True Parents’ historical declaration happened has become largely a den of bats. The originally white walls are mottled in black or gray with a myriad of clinging bat droppings.

The wooden building has gotten old and is in danger of collapse.

Most of the hotel building is wooden, and the entire building is raised high by pillars. The front stairs of the building are also very fragile, and some of the floors are missing in some parts of the building. In addition, the handrail in front of Room 14 has come off. It is a dangerous situation.

Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, who has been trying to manage Hotel Americano

Mr. Peter Paulo’s family has voluntarily taken the lead in managing the Hotel Americano

Mr. and Mrs. Pinheiro, together with their 3 daughters and 1 son, are responsible for the management and maintenance of the Hotel Americano head office in Porto Murtinho. At the same time, they are voluntarily working to maintain the Nabileque branch, but traveling between Porto Murtinho and Nabileque via a 3-hour ride on the river on a small rented boat has been difficult due to financial reasons.

Mr. Peter Paulo’s Facebook

Mr. Peter Paulo is True Father’s direct spiritual child.

In the 1990s, when True Father was engaging in fishing pioneering in South America, Mr. Peter Paulo, who grew up there and is familiar with the land, was appointed as His boat captain. Through fishing, he met True Father at the age of 21, accepted the church, and received the Blessing.

He received a direct order from True Father, “You are in charge of this area forever.” Since then, he has protected “Hotel Americano” in Porto Murtinho until today. The city of Porto Murtinho once was known as a very corrupt city, even named the “town of prostitutes.” It was not a place suitable to raise God’s children as a family with small children. In recent years, the current mayor, Mayor Nelson Cintra, has made a lot of improvements. However, as the mayor’s term is approaching, Mr. Peter Paulo is worried that the city may revert back to being the “town of prostitutes,” depending on the oncoming mayor. Even in such an environment, Mr. Peter Paulo’s family follows True Father’s orders and continues to protect “Hotel Americano.”

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